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2 January 2010
first day petitions for signatures in lieu of filing fees to be available for candidates in 8 June 2010 primary


Why you should vote YES on Proposition 92

The California constitution promises a free college education to all. But fees keep rising and budgets keep getting cut.

The community colleges provide preparation for students who want to transfer to the four-year University of California and California State University systems. They also provide the coursework for those who want to enter the fields of nursing, horticulture, child development, biotechnology and other occupations. They are a key part of skilled trades apprenticeships. Students who cannot graduate from high school because of the exit exam are eligible to enroll in community colleges. Working people who want to continue their education attend community college at night. Immigrants learn English and citizenship requirements at community colleges.

Although Proposition 98 guaranteed that 40% of the state budget should cover K-14 (Kindergarten through two years of college), community colleges have the least secure funding. The needs of the K-12 elementary and secondary schools leave little available for the community colleges.

Proposition 92 would freeze community college fees at $15 per unit. Community colleges would get their own guaranteed funds instead of standing in line after other systems. We would like to see abolition of all fees and complete availability of all levels of education for everyone, but the reforms in Proposition 92 are needed now. We recommend a YES vote on Proposition 92.

For more information, see the website of the Yes on 92 campaign at www.prop92yes.com.


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