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2 January 2010
first day petitions for signatures in lieu of filing fees to be available for candidates in 8 June 2010 primary


Presidential Primary Forum Series

The candidates who will appear on the Peace and Freedom Party's February 5th Presidential preference primary ballot are:

  • Stewart Alexander (Murrieta, Riverside County, Socialist Party USA Vice-Presidential Candidate)
  • John Crockford (Clovis, Fresno County, no non-P&F affiliation)
  • Stanley Hetz (Pennsylvania)
  • President, Gloria La Riva (San Francisco, Party of Socialism and Liberation)
  • Cynthia McKinney
  • Brian Moore (Florida, Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate)
  • Ralph Nader

In order to help familiarize our supporters with the candidates for our presidential nomination, the Peace and Freedom Party has organized a series of six Presidential Candidate Forums in different areas of California. All of the candidates have been invited to every forum, but not all will be able to appear at all six.


January 11 (Friday), 7 - 9 pm
Sierra 2 Community Center, Room 11, 2791 24th Street (four blocks south of Broadway, at 3rd Avenue between Castro Way and 4th Avenue)
Contacts: Debra Reiger (email
debra.reiger <at> earthlink.net), John Reiger (email reigers <at> earthlink.net)
Confirmed speakers: candidates Stuart Alexander, Gloria La Riva and Brian Moore, and Peter Camejo as a representative of the campaign to draft Ralph Nader for both P&F and Green nominations


January 12 (Saturday), 1 - 4 pm followed by social hour
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street (between Bryant and York Streets, nine blocks east of 24th Street BART station)
Contact: Tom Lacey (email
patty <at> igc.org)
Confirmed speakers: candidates Brian Moore and Stuart Alexander, Gloria La Riva (or a representative of her campaign), a representative of the Cynthia McKinney campaign, and Peter Camejo as a representative of Ralph Nader
printable flyer available


January 13 (Sunday), 1 - 4 pm
Fresno City College, Forum Hall 101
Sponsored by FCC Sociology Department.
Contact: Vickie Fouts (email
socialjustice <at> sti.net)

cancelledLOS ANGELES

January 14 (Monday), 7 - 9 pm
Venue tba
Contact: Cindy Henderson (email
coz42001 <at> hotmail.com)


January 15 (Tuesday), 7 - 9 pm
Zacatecas Restaurant, 2472 University Avenue (corner of Sedgewick) Free parking in the small restaurant parking lot or along Sedgewick.
Contact: Kevin Akin (email
kevinakin1950 <at> hotmail.com)


January 16 (Wednesday), 7 - 9 pm
Hot Monkey Love Cafe, 6875 El Cajon Blvd (about four blocks south of I-8, two blocks east of Montezuma Road and one block west of 70th Street)
Contact: Miriam Clark (email
MexPeace1 <at> aol.com)

For additional information about the tour in general, contact Tour Coordinator Marsha Feinland (email m_feinland <at> operamail.com or phone 510-845-7251).


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